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Arcadia Remodel

Robert and his team took a late 1940's tract home my wife and I had bought as a rental property and transformed it from a dumpy little box into a high end high value modern interior. It was stunning. He removed walls, corrected structural foundation defects, handled plumbing and electrical disasters from previous work done by others, upgraded electrical, and painted the entire interior. 


Highlights of the project included his transformation a horrid dingy little bathroom into something you would find in Architectural Digest magazine complete with double stand alone vanities, marble tilted shower with built in shelving for the shower/bath tub that he also completely replumbed so that it was against the back wall instead of the side wall, and put in dark slate floor tiles that were a perfect contrast to the white with black streaks marble tile in the shower.  He did the design work and then built it to the design.  


He then took the kitchen from a cramped dark space with horrible work flow and made it feel open, inviting, and airy. Highlights here included a stainless steel farm sink that he had to retrofit into the existing cabinetry, shifting appliances around to provide a more open feel, a fax marble countertop, and updated paint colors and refinishing of the cabinet doors. 


Based on his work we had the house reappraised and the $40,000 we spent translated into $100,000 in additional value per appraisal. He was always on time, always kept me in the loop, and bent over backwards to stay on the very very tight and aggressive timeline and within budget. One of the things that really stands out in my mind about him is that he provides accurate bids with the caveat that, as with any remodel, there may be things he can't price out because he can't see what's in the walls or. I work regularly with contractors at work and something that drives me nuts is that a contractor will come in with a low bid that looks very attractive then clobbers you with Change Orders to make up the difference in the amount he should have bid. Robert may not be the least expensive bid but you are guaranteed that he will bid honestly and accurately. That honesty and accuracy along with the excellent communication are worth their weight in gold in my book.  There are too many less than scrupulous contractors out there. Robert is one of the rare ones that isn't. Once you find one like Robert hold on to him with both hands because you don't have to worry that you are getting inferior work or being robbed on price.


Carson B.

North Hollywood
Water Restoration

Did you know the toilet tank can spontaneously crack and leak water everywhere? Neither did I, until it did. My insurance jumped on it and started to dry out my home. They even offered to recommend a contractor to do the repairs, but I wanted someone whom I could feel confident was on my side, not working to save my insurance company as much money as possible.


I met with a handful of contractors, most of whom treated me with paternalistic condescension -- don't worry your head about that, little lady, I'll handle it. No, no one actually said anything quite so overt, but my questions were brushed off and requests for further information ignored. It was clear that they were in charge and I should just let them deal with it. That might be reassuring to some, but it's my home and my money, so I want to be in charge, or at least an integral part of the decision-making team.


Enter Aylor C&R. Robert listened to my questions and answered them. He explained everything patiently. He treated me with respect and kindness. I knew I'd found my contractor. 


It's not fun having your home torn apart, but the Aylor C&R team was a pleasure to have around. Robert and his brothers did most of the work themselves. They were efficient and professional, with a peppering of sibling banter that kept everyone smiling. The work was done well. My home was kept reasonably clean. And every worker who came through the door was friendly and conscientious. 


I've had several questions since the job was finished, and each time Robert responded quickly. The next time I need work done at home (hopefully by choice this time), I will definitely be calling Aylor C&R.


Rachel F.

Castaic Remodel

Robert and his crew have completed several home improvement projects in my home.  They have done outside painting, brick work, kitchen remodel, tiling, built-ins and wood work.  Each job had been done completely to my satisfaction.  Robert is fair priced, reliable and meticulous.  I have recommended him to my friends and family members.  I always trust that Robert will complete the job in a timely manner.  Thank you for a beautiful home!!

Keri P.

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