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Family owned and operated, Aylor Construction & Remodeling has always been about the highest level of care for our customers and their homes.


Pride of workmanship. Uncompromising standards. URBAN MYTHS?


We live in a cynical and rushed age where the bottom line, cutting corners, sloppy workmanship and unreliability have become the norm rather than the exception. Sayings like "old world craftsmanship" and "pride in one's work" or even "service with a smile" seem quaint and from a by-gone era. Call us old-fashioned, but at Aylor Construction & Remodeling pride in our workmanship are not marketing slogans: they are a part of who we are.  This deeply held philosophical belief, combined with an unwavering desire to complete a project leaving our customers genuinely happy, is our only reason to be.


If you are truly happy with the quality of work your last contractor performed for you and the level or service and responsiveness met your expectations... no need to read on. On the other hand, if your overall experience was less than stellar, and you would hesitate to recommend them to a close friend without any reservations, then we may be the uncompromising craftsmen you thought no longer existed.


Uncompromising workmanship to us means building sound structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but actually designed and built to the highest engineering standards for long term use and endurance. It means that the quality of the renovations and upgrades should not look like band-aid add-ons, but complement and enhance the existing structures while being held to the same standards, or higher, of the original architecture and construction. It means taking the same considerations for a client's residence as we would for our own and treating you the way we would want to be treated if you came into our home.


At Aylor Construction & Remodeling we strive to not only be easy to work with, but to eliminate the stresses traditionally associated with any construction or remodeling work. We do this by being truthful and keeping open lines of communication with our clients, setting accurate and realistic expectations for the final product while adhering to timelines that meet those expectations, and most of all, by doing what we say we will do.


We know that renovating is a disruptive process, so we do everything possible to mitigate that disruption. We keep an orderly job site, and clean up when we leave every day. We talk to our clients or their tenants to ensure they are as ready as we can make them for the process; and we do our best to schedule our work with efficiency so they can have their home back promptly.


And yes...we do believe in service with a smile.  Call us old-fashioned that way.  

We look forward to showing you that pride of workmanship combined with uncompromising standards are not myths, but just the old-fashioned way of doing things.


Robert Aylor

Robert has been in the construction industry since he was 17. His experience in multiple trades and project management, coupled with his strong artistic sense and passion for his work and his clients make him an excellent builder from planning through completion.

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